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About Us

Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading company that specialises integrated health managenment. In light of growing health issues in today’s modern society, Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd aims to provide state-of-the-art products which are safe and improve health wellness, to protect people from detrimental effects of modern day environmental stressors. Count on us to protect your family’s health!



About Our Founder


Dr Michael Tan (N.D.) is the CEO and the founder of Life Research Well. He has been practising and developing integrated preventive and predictive health management systems for 17 years. 

Since 2014, he has been focusing on investigating the epigenetic factors affecting our health and well-being. The company successfully developed the “Geo Origin” and “Geo Wellness” health solutions to address Geopathic Stress and provide three levels of optimal health management. 

The "Geo Origin" solution improves the environment by regulating the distorted electromagnetic field from Earth for health restoration and quality living, thereby creating a better environment for society’s future progression and harmony. 

“Geo Wellness” provides the guideline for health practitioners to understand and manage the root causes of various health issues.

 Dr. Michael Tan’s (ND) Certifications, Awards and Appointments include:


  • Naturopathic Doctor, Youngson Institute of Natural Science


  • Anti-Ageing Fitness Specialist, IPFA, USA


  • Electro Meridian Imaging, University of Landau and YINS College
  • Adviser to DreamHomes Development
  • Adviser to Human Energy Research Centre (Haridwar, India)