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Geopathic Solutions


State-of-the-art Harmonising Technologies

 Backed by 17 years of research, Geo Origin Harmonisers are some of the leading-edge harmonisers that balance the entire spectrum frequency of the yin and yang diverging forces. Thoroughly tested in more than 1,000 cases, Geo Origin Harmoniser is only energy harmoniser which has been developed by integrating technologies including Sacred Geometry, Holographic, Quantum Entanglement, Crystalline Programming & Materials Science.

How It Works 

Geo Origin Harmoniser works based on the concepts of energy entanglement and harmonisation. After modern-day frequencies (erratic waves) are entangled in the Geo Origin Harmoniser space, they are balanced into an original frequency sine wave.

Volatile waves restrict efficient communication between our body cells. Once all the volatile waves are harmonised into sine waves, they re-establish communication within the body cells.

One-Of-A-Kind Features 

  • Geo Origin replicates the Earth’s favorable frequency (a calming 7.83 Hz), allowing our bodies to adjust to this frequency and protects us from harmful effects of GS & EMR.
  • Geo Origin’s total energy field combines with our body’s biofield to forge a ‘superfield’ of healing energy that returns our body cells to a healthy state.
  • Just like the theory of acupuncture, Geo Origin provides the body with the ability to constantly self-regulate the flow of energy required for optimal health.
  • Solid-state design and 100% handcrafted to ensure lifetime usage
  • Maintenance-free: No cleaning required and works for the whole day without the need for a power source.

Benefits of Using Geo Origin

  • Protects you against the daily bombardment of EMFs (hand-phones, computers, wifi)
  • Encourages the flow of Chi (the circulating life-energy in Chinese Philosophy)
  • Improves sleep quality - Deeper and more restful sleep
  • Improves your well-being
  • Improves harmony at the workplace and in the family
  • Increases energy level and alertness
  • Increases productivity